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When you use an Android smartphone, you get a lot of awesome apps pre-installed that make your life easier. Gmail app is one such application that you can use to manage all your email accounts and with the latest version, Gmail 7.2.26 APK, you can do that a lot easily. With the free email app installed on your device, you can send and receive emails, add attachments, forward your emails to others and manage multiple accounts from the same dashboard easily. All these features make the application one of the must-have apps for Android devices. If you regularly receive important emails on your phone, then update the app to the latest version by downloading Gmail 7.2.26 APK for Android from the Google Play Store and updating it.

The application is one of the most popular apps in the world; so if you use it on a regular basis, then you should download the latest version of Gmail APK and update it to get all the latest features on your device.

Gmail 7.2.26 APK for Android – Features

  • The GMail app is completely free to download and use but you need an Internet connection all the time.
  • The inbox of the app is neatly organized and all the emails are sorted categorically making it easy for you to read them and reply.
  • All the promotional messages and social media updates are added to the Promotions and Social tab respectively.
  • The best thing about Gmail is that it blocks most of the spam before it hits your inbox and thus allowing it to remain clutter-free and neat.
  • It offers you up to 15 GB of free space so that you don’t have to delete any email at all.
  • With Gmail app, you can manage multiple email accounts – both Gmail as well as non-Gmail accounts like Outlook, Yahoo and more.

gmail 7.2.26 apk for android

What’s New in Gmail 7.2.26?

  • (US only) Send & request money instantly, just tap the attachment icon when composing an email.

Download Gmail 7.2.26 APK for Android

Since the application comes pre-installed in all Android devices, you just need to update it to the latest version. If you are unable to update the app from Google Play Store, then use the below link to download the latest version of Gmail APK and then install all the new features.

Download APK
(Google Play Store)

This is how you can easily download and install Gmail 7.2.26 APK for Android and update it to get the latest features! If you liked the article, then hit Like, Tweet and +1 to share the latest version of Gmail for Android with your friends as well.

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