Firefox 53.0.1 APK for Android – Free Browser App Direct Download Link

If you have an Android device, you would use it to do a lot of things and surfing the Internet to visit various websites is one of them. For that, you need to use one of the best web browser apps and we all know that Firefox app is a really awesome browser. You can download Firefox 53.0.1 APK, which is the latest version, to get all the new features and updates on your phone. It comes with Private Browsing option, allows you to sync the app across various devices, gives you easy access to your favorite websites and much more. You can download Firefox 53.0.1 APK for Android and then install it on your smartphone for free.

The application is available in Google Play Store and you can download or update the app from there within minutes. You can also download Firefox APK file and then install it manually on your device to get all the new updates.

Firefox 53.0.1 APK for Android – Features

  • The browser app is free to download and is used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide.
  • The app anticipates your needs and provides you with multiple suggestions and recommendations based on your previous search history.
  • The Private Browsing option offers you more privacy and blocks parts of the web page that might track your activity.
  • If you have a Firefox account, you can sync all your data like the history, bookmarks, open tabs and more across all your devices.
  • You can open as many tabs as you like with the browser app without losing track of them all.
  • It provides easy access to your favorite sites so you don’t have to look for them.
  • There are a number of add-ons available for Firefox browser for Android that you can use to personalize your web experience.
  • You can send videos and web content from your smartphone to a TV that is equipped with streaming.

firefox 53.0.1 apk for android

What’s New in Firefox 53.0.1?

  • Right to left language support.

Download Firefox 53.0.1 APK for Android

The best way to download the browser app or update it to the latest version is to do it through Google Play Store. But, if you are unable to access the store, then you can download Firefox APK using the below link and then install it manually on your Android device.

Download APK
(Google Play Store)

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